Signs and Symptoms

The location of telangiectases and /or AVMs in the body determines what problem(s) someone with HHT might have. In most locations, and at any size, a telangiectasia or AVM has a greater… Learn More Here.


There are several tests available for everyone who is known or suspected to have HHT. Since lung and brain AVMs can cause serious damage without warning, and they can be successfully… Learn More Here.


Although there is not yet a way to prevent the telangiectases or AVMs from occurring, most can be treated once they occur. They should be treated if they are either causing a significant… Learn More Here.

Clinical Diagnostic Criteria

A diagnosis of HHT is considered definite when 3 or more of the features listed here are present, possible or suspected when 2 findings are present, and unlikely with fewer than… Learn More Here.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is available for any suspecting or present HHT patient. For information, please contact your medical HHT specialist. This test is valuable to families affected by HHT. A simple… Learn More Here.
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