Canada Lights Up for HHT: Photo Contest Draw

This June is HHT Awareness Month, and Canada will be lighting up red and blue at several locations to celebrate the occasion! Show us your support and take part in our Canada Lights Up for HHT: Photo Contest Draw for your chance to win some HHT Canada THH swag.

Here are the lighting event locations and dates (occurring after sundown):

  • Edmonton High Level Bridge — June 10th
  • Niagara Falls — June 22nd
  • Canada Place Sails, Vancouver — June 23rd
  • CN Tower — June 23rd
  • Calgary Tower — June 23rd

For specific times please refer to our Facebook Events Page or scroll down to bottom of this page.

Simply attend one or more of the lighting events across Canada in support of HHT and submit a photograph of yourself at the illuminated landmark(s) to our Facebook Messenger or email ( for your chance to win a(n):

  • HHT Canada THH Dryfit T-shirt
  • Flashlight keychain
  • Pen
  • Adjustable bag
  • Towel
  • Bracelet

We accept one photo per landmark, so challenge yourself to attend a landmark close to you!

The three best winning photos will be featured on our official website, with your approval. Oh, and winners, feel free to send a pic of you with your merchandise to be featured on our social media websites and webpage as well (optional).



Submissions are restricted to one photo per landmark. Each photo submission counts as one entry into a draw for one of the aforementioned HHT Canada THH prizes. Two winners per lighting event will be selected at random for one of the aforementioned prizes.

Do you have a landmark in your hometown that you would like to see lit up for June HHT awareness month? Please forward the information to us — — and we will try to apply to have it lit for June 2019 (or, if that isn’t possible, for June 2020).

Lighting Event Dates and Times

June 10th: Edmonton High Bridge (dusk till dawn)

June 22nd: Niagara Falls at 10 pm for 15 mins

June 23rd: CN Tower at the top of every hour for 8 mins (best seen from dusk till dawn)

June 23rd: Calgary Tower from dusk till dawn

June 23rd: Canada Place Sails (Vancouver) from dusk till dawn

Global HHT awareness day is June 23rd